noodlegarage is a food blog exploring Asian diaspora cooking. 

A Brief History

I've never really considered myself to be a foodie—everyone in my family could be considered a foodie so how am I special? The idea just also seems a little pretentious. But there is no denying that growing up in a restaurant and coming from a huge Chinese Mauritian family, cooking is very important part of my life and my family's. Even back in my uni days living in the dorm, I was the only person in my hall who would host dinner parties—I was recently reminded about that from an old friend. After the evolution of instagram, every food pict that I would post came another request from a friend to share my recipes, which were all documented in my conscious and muscle memory. After some initial reluctance I ceded their demands and decided to create noodlegarage, my first attempt to document and share my culinary experiences. 

Having spent sizeable portions of my life living in North Carolina, China, Northern California, and for the past 5 years London, I feel lucky to have been exposed to a variety of cuisines, tastes, flavours and traditions that I've (hopefully) absorbed well. In my blog, I hope to inspire people to not only try a new dish, but also think about food differently. Food is not only a requirement for sustaining your energy levels, it's also a unique cultural identifier that brings people together. Cooking and eating is an activity best enjoyed when shared with your loved ones. Who likes to eat alone?

And while final presentation is important, let's not forget that practice makes perfect. The process and the journey are more important than the final outcome. You have to be open to the process of trying and possibly failing, but trying again and learning from your mistakes. Cooking is no different. My blog places emphasis on the stories and process of each dish. I'm not here to make a perfect looking that dish that will intimidate you. I'm here to inspire people to enjoy the taste, but also the "mess."